Friday, January 21, 2011

Vegas Baby

What would a trip to Vegas be without some delightful macaroni and cheese? Clearly it would be a waste of a trip. 

Emeril has yet to fail me. Yes, THE Emeril. Everything I have had at his restaurants has proven his ability as a wonderful chef.  While visiting Vegas, my dear friends and I scoped out Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House at the MGM Grand Their macaroni and cheese was so tasty that I regretted having to share it with my friends. Seriously.  Everything about it was wonderful. 

From the presentation,

To the perfectly heated temperature, 

It was pretty much a spiritual experience.

It had a nice smoky flavor that was not overbearing, a perfect amount of Serrano Ham, and the edges were nicely crisped from the baked cheese.  My only regret is that I did not taste any Cajun flavors like I expected since it was an Emeril’s dish.  However, it really left nothing to be desired.  I highly recommend this macaroni and cheese dish.

I shared this dish with some friends; Jarrett Haley reminisces: “That Mac and Cheese was amazing. Thinking about it right now, makes me want to go back to Vegas just to get one more bite…”  Jeremy Parker reflects that it was the “culinary highlight of the trip. Creamy cheesy goodness.”   

My savory consultant and pretty pretty princess Jenai Yoshii says in less than eloquent terms “super amazing w/ a plethora of white cheeses, & I think ???penne pasta??? cooked perfectly al dente. We should go back for more...RIGHT NOW!”  She would be so angry to know I posted her spelling and grammar imperfections so please don’t tell (I LOVE secrets). 

Bottom line: this macaroni and cheese is divine.

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