Monday, January 10, 2011

Light and Healthy-ish

So, I debated on whether or not to share this recipe, because it's not a traditional macaroni and cheese. But hey, it has pasta and cheese, so I decided to go for it.


Today I am going to share a delicious pasta I concocted a couple of weeks ago. 

Lucky for you, I documented my effort with my trusty camera. 

Ready, ok! 

  Boil some fusilli. I think fusilli is my favorite pasta. It boils evenly and holds the ingredients in its grooves.

Cook some broccoli to desired firmness {that kind of sounds dirty. blush!}

Just before your pasta is finished boiling, throw in some frozen peas. Drain (duh).

Add goat cheese and broccoli that you have boiled to your desired firmness {*^-^*} <-----that's a blushing-face-emoticon because I said 'desired firmness' again (here is an explanation of what an emoticon is for my mom and grandma who are not hep to the computermachine lingo) Watch, my mom will probably leave a comment saying, 'I knew what that was MISSY!'

Add spinach leaves and pine nuts once the goat cheese is all melty and stirred around evenly. 

Serve with a simple green salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

Reward your culinary effort with a glass {or bottle; we won't judge} of crisp white wine. My favorite cheap white lately is    La Ferme Julien Blanc aka 'The Goat Wine.' $6 at your local Trader Joe's!


**I didn't measure ANYTHING in this recipe. I just kind of threw it all in there. 

I wish I knew how to make my photos all the same size. 


  1. That looks delicious! Love the fun grown up spin on traditional mac and cheese.

  2. Can I share a recipe? thanks!

    I've never really liked classical "college" foods such as Cup Noodles and Top Ramen. When faced with a need for a quick, cheap and easy dinner, I always went for the Blue Box, infamous Kraft Mac and Cheese. As a life-long Costco member, I would buy in bulk - 30 boxes at a time. As anyone who frequents Costco knows, half the fun in shopping is happening across new and exciting offerings. The downside to Costco, as anyone who frequents Costco knows, is that you never know if your favorite (insert amazing and affordable foodstuff here) will be available.

    Several months ago, I visited the Costco in Irvine. Kraft mac and cheese was not on the shelf, only Kirkland brand. If you've ever purchased Kirkland brand products, you know that they are usually re-branded originals. E.g., Kirkland jelly beans are Jelly Bellys, Kirkland Vodka is Grey Goose, etc. I bought Kirkland mac and cheese expecting Kraft in the box. I was sadly disappointed.

    The recipes are different - different amounts of butter and milk. The cheese has a wildly different consistency from the original stuff. And the pasta is inferior; much more robust and difficult to cook. Thus, faced with consuming 30 boxes, I embarked upon a series of recipe variations in hopes of improving the recipe from the level of "food for the pig trough" to "food for the homeless." With some exciting and magical ingredients, I believe I have raised the level to "happy hour bar food."

    Recipe as follows:

    1 piece of bacon, cooked until crispy and brittle. (I know bacon is cheating - suck it.) Crumble bacon.
    1 pepperocini, diced.

    Prepare pasta per directions on box. Drain pasta, set aside. In the pot, put half the butter the recipe calls for in to melt. Add 2 tablespoons olive oil (EVOO if youre a snob). Add diced pepperocini and bacon. Let the flavors meld for approx 2 minutes, or until butter begins to foam. DO NOT BURN THE BUTTER!

    Add the pasta, cheese and milk. Mix thoroughly. Divide the mac and cheese equally between two bowls. Add fresh cracked pepper if desired. Enjoy!