Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Roscoes, Its More Than Just Chicken and Waffles

When I think of Roscoes, I think of chicken and waffles.  No surprise there.  But, did you know that they also have macaroni and cheese? 

 My first bite of this side dish was great. It had a nice creamy texture with a smoky finish. And really, what a terrific compliment to fried chicken and waffles. 

After my first bite of the macaroni and cheese, my attention was diverted to my delicious waffle (A.D.D. perhaps?).  While I love fried chicken, I think I might love Roscoes' waffles even more.   

After finishing both my waffle and my fried chicken, I returned to my macaroni and cheese. At this point, it was not hot and the flavor did not hold well. The texture had changed and the flavor also went south. 

That didn't stop my cousin Dave from finishing every last morsel of the not quite so delicious mac and cheese. 

My advise to my fabulous lovers of mac and cheese is to visit Roscoes and eat their mac and cheese immediately, quickly followed by their waffles and chicken.  All in that order. 

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