Monday, January 10, 2011

Mac and cheese diner with a vegan option? Yes, please!

A restaurant that only serves macaroni and cheese and is mere steps from my office in gorgeous downtown Los Angeles is a must stop for me. mac & cheeza had a terrific variety and I loved that you could mix a plethora of vegetables with meats. In fact, they even had a soy based cheese sauce. I was not daring enough to give it a try but it is vegan so it is a great option for my darling vegans out there.   

In true loyalty to my Mexican heritage, I ordered the tomato, jalapeno, chorizo, with a cheese blend topper - never really figured out what the "cheese blend topper" consists of. I loved the jalapenos, they added just the right amount of pizzazz.  I split this with my fellow Mexican American co-worker Rita who thought the jalapenos were a bit too spicy. To that I say, grow some cojones.  

To be healthy, we also shared a mushroom, vege sausage, and a spicy toasted walnuts topper mac and cheese.  

With a dash of Tapatio, this dish became a magical experience.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, I think. That place was delish!

    Can't wait to take you to The Kitchen for their delicious take on mac & cheese.