Monday, January 24, 2011

The morning after ...

After a few too many days in Vegas, and a few too many indulgences while in Vegas, a buffet is the only cure.  After a lot of research, i.e., asking cab drivers, Bistro Buffet at the Palms won as the best buffet Vegas had to offer.

Like any skilled American gluttonous, I really do love a good buffet. There is something about waffles, pasta, a ramen bar, cheeseburgers, sushi, an omelet bar, random unidentifiable meat, seafood, and deserts galore that make my mouth water.   

Because I am so skilled at indulging at such fine establishments, I arrived a few minutes before breakfast concluded… and conveniently a few minutes before lunch was served.  After trying their omelet; traditional eggs benedict; corned beef hash; Mexican omelet burrito complete with rice, beans, salsa, guacamole, potatoes, chorizo and tortilla; fruit – only because I am healthy; a couple of very tasty bloody marys, on special of course; and some chow mein and dumplings; I thought the meal would not be complete without macaroni and cheese. 

From first glance, it looked, well, pretty awful. It was on display in a soup bowl complete with a ladle.  That was the first red flag to RUN straight toward the taco bar.  The noodles were gigantic; I learned later that this was because it had probably been cooking since the Middle Ages.  The noodles were overcooked and the cheese tasted like a cross between imitation butter spread, nonfat milk and powdered cheese.  Three thumbs down on this one.

In a nutshell, spoken so eloquently by my self-indulging pretty pretty princess Jenai Yoshii “it was soupy, bland & the pasta was WAAAAAY overcooked.”

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