Friday, February 11, 2011

Nothing Comes Closer to Home

Hello M&C Lovers,

We have some news to share here at Oh So Cheesy.

Tay moved!

Back to CA. Palm Springs, to be exact.


Because I moved this week, I have been kind of a homebody getting settled and such. I also haven't been cooking much.

But don't worry. I have still been Mac and Cheesing.

It was late on a Sunday and I'd been working/getting settled all day. I needed some things from the drug store and was craving something comforting and cheesy. I went with good 'ol Stouffer's, a long time favorite of mine. Although it's not my favorite frozen macaroni and cheese (we'll save that for a later post), it is the most nostalgic.

It still tastes exactly the same as when I would eat it with my great grandmother when I was five. And that's a good thing! Creamy, delicious and comforting.

Keep it up, Stouffer's.

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