Friday, February 25, 2011

Lite Up Your Life

Ney and I are working on a joint post on our FAVE frozen macaroni and cheese. Even though I've had the delicious dish a million times, I decided I should purchase another box for writing inspiration. Much to my dismay, when I went to the frozen section of Trader Joe's, the macaroni and cheese was nowhere to be found. Sad face.

After throwing a tantrum and yelling at the manager (kidding) I reluctantly decided to try the 'less guilt' version of Trader Joe's macaroni and cheese.

Now, I am SO not into reduced calorie things. I'd rather just skip it entirely, or have a smaller portion of the full calorie version. However, I was so pleasantly surprised with this frozen macaroni and cheese! If I had not known it was reduced guilt, I would never have known it had less calories than the original.

Don't worry, we will not be replacing our fatty fatty boom boom macaroni and cheese recipes with lower calorie/fat versions, but it is nice to know there is a decent option for when you're feeling like a fat ass but still want some cheesy goodness.

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