Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ono Hawaiian Mac

While in Hawaii this past week I was inspired to include the local culinary delicacies in my mac.  With help from my trusty side kick Jenai (who you may remember from here, here and here) and Leighton,
I set out to prepare a savory Hawaiian mac.  Hawaii's culinary environment stems from early plantation workers and a strong military influence creating a wonderful blend of Asian, Polynesian, Portuguese and American flavors.  And because I am such an eclectic culinary creator, I added anything and everything interesting that happened to be within eyesight.

 We diced the spam (yum, spam),
Added some Velveeta cheese, chili garlic sauce (aka rooster hot sauce), mustard, chilli powder and seasoned with salt and pepper.
 Stir in the prepared elbow macaroni.
At the very end we added some fish cake.  It is important to add this at the very end because it can become soggy if added too early.  The fish cake adds a punch of color along with a wonderfully sweet flavor to the mac.
Mix well.
Serve as a fantastic side dish to grilled sausage and asparagus,
Steak and grilled onions.
Next time you want a taste of the islands, prepare a savory and oh so ono local mac and cheese.

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  1. This looks like a little bit of heaven spam and mac & cheese all in one. Yum!