Monday, March 14, 2011

Five Crowns' mac is Suitable for a Goddess... or Two

Hooray for Oh So Cheesy's first guest blogger!! My darling friend Gorgeous Goldie, GG for short, sent in this entry over the weekend.  GG and her fiance visited Side Door, which is a fun gastropub located in the the Corona Del Mar landmark Five Crowns.  If you haven't made it to Corona Del Mar, you are honestly missing out. It is the quaintest little beach town in Orange County; in my opinion, it is Southern California's version of Carmel.

I received this text from GG at approximately 7:58 on Saturday night:
"Curley que Mac and cheese @ five crown's side door. I'll give u the review in 10."  The text was accompanied with this photo.

Please note the delicious dirty martini - my fav drink of choice.

This mac looks fabulous: a vibrant orange color, nice and baked, and it looks pretty oozy and rich.

At approximately 8:02 I received the following text with accompanying photo: "Freaking amazing!!!!"

Looks like the Side Door provides a wonderfully cheesy treat.

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